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Our Pharmacy Fulfillment Platform is made up of integrated solutions that are designed to be flexible for different levels of complexity and prescription volumes.

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Comprehensive solutions that can support pharmacies at-scale. 


Seamless operations from community pharmacies to centralized fulfillment centers.

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As a company impassioned to leave a legacy in pharmacy, we strive to be pharmacy first, by relentlessly innovating to better the industry and help improve the health and well-being of pharmacists and patients around the world. When iA is on your team, we are active participants in your success. Our Pharmacy Fulfillment Platform, and our people, all work toward improving outcomes for pharmacy providers and for the health and wellness of your pharmacists. Partnering with iA will help transform a pharmacy by enabling pharmacists to focus on patient facing care, exceeding customer expectations and generating brand loyalty as a pharmacy with caring and accessible pharmacists and a reputation as a hub for reliable, helpful community healthcare.