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iA SmartPod

Automated dispensing for central fill or mail order.

The evolution of high-volume central pharmacy fulfillment, iA SmartPod maximizes system performance, improving fulfillment process throughput.
Labeling icon


Fully contained, automated system manages throughput of labeling, filling, imaging, and capping
Material Handling icon

Material handling

Moves prescriptions through conveyance, sortation, and auto-collation.
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Performance dashboards

Powered by NEXiA, virtual displays show real-time performance and analytics.
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System management

Work queue management with system oversight.

Inventory management

Monitors inventory levels, adjusts workload, and prepares inventory.

Key Features

iA SmartPod is scaleable, with comprehensive prescription management.

Flexible and scaleable

  • Supports a mixed configuration of ½L and 2L canister options
  • Expansion module increases capacity to 240 iA SmartDispensers
  • Can expand from the baseline two-cabinet configuration to a six-cabinet configuration without requiring an entirely new robot or set-up
  • Accommodates multiple bottle sizes simultaneously
  • Ability to incorporate iA SmartDispensers to provide continuous self-calibration with real-time adjusting to account for changes in environment or pill behavior


  • Powered by NEXiA software, iA SmartPod fulfills prescriptions with accuracy and speed, tracking the entire process through a comprehensive and customizable dashboard


  • Operates at 300 bottles per hour (based on performance in test lab and adjusted to account for expected interruptions in operations)