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Conveyance with iA

An intelligent conveyance solution that can be customized to support virtually any location meeting the needs of central fill pharmacy.

Conveyance with iA enables accurate and efficient conveyance of prescriptions between work centers of a high volume pharmacy environment. Conveyance with iA is quiet and features a number of configurable solutions that ensure that it can be customized to integrate within almost any location.

Reliable Conveyance

Conveyance with iA provides the speed and efficiency of a complex production environment needed to support high volume pharmacy.

Intelligent Tracking & Imaging

Conveyance with iA integrates with iA’s intelligent enterprise pharmacy fulfillment software platform, NEXiA, for real-time RFID tracking and barcode imaging, ensuring prescriptions are routed to the appropriate work center.

Flexible Integrator

Supports the integration of all iA robotic pod and workstation configurations as well as equipment from iA partners, and can fit into many different physical locations.

iA's intelligent enterprise pharmacy fulfillment software platform — NEXiA — is the technological foundation of our automated fulfillment solutions, connecting many aspects of the prescription fulfillment process — from prescription acceptance to delivery, across many different touch points. NEXiA manages prescription fulfillment, while continuously processing prescription orders in real time, evaluating constraints, and preparing orders to ensure prescriptions reach patients with optimal speed and efficiency.