iA® Partners with Euclid® Medical Products to Expand Offering Enabling Pharmacy Providers to Enhance Patient Choice Through Centralized Fulfillment, Including Adherence Packaging




iA’s NEXiA® Enterprise Software Suite will integrate Euclid’s Axial® Adherence Packaging Technology into centralized fulfillment solutions, expanding iA’s customers’ options for multiple medication dispensing methods outside of the traditional bottle or vial methods.

iA, a company that provides an integrated Pharmacy Fulfillment Platform for retail, health system, and government pharmacies, today announced a Distributor Agreement with Euclid Medical Products, a provider of high-quality, efficient multi/unit dose automated packaging and barcoding systems. This partnership will result in the integration of Euclid’s Axial® Adherence Packaging Technology into iA’s NEXiA® Enterprise Software Suite, expanding the capabilities of iA’s centralized fulfillment solutions. As a leader in pharmacy fulfillment, leveraging cutting-edge software and advanced robotics, iA is dedicated to building solutions that support a more sustainable work environment for pharmacy providers, which can ultimately advance the pharmacist’s role in healthcare.

“We’re excited to embark on this collaborative partnership with Euclid. Our two companies share a vision of improving healthcare outcomes through robust solutions. This partnership shows our dedication to further elevate our capacity to provide solutions for our valued pharmacy partners,” said Marvin Richardson, CEO, iA. “We understand the importance of providing solutions that will allow the ability to meet the increasing expectations of patients who seek choice and convenience in their healthcare experiences. Together with Euclid, iA empowers pharmacy providers to reap the benefits achieved through centralized fulfillment with the patient and pharmacy operation top of mind.”

As a result of this strategic collaboration, iA will be a distributor of Euclid’s Adherence Packaging Technology, enhancing the dispensing capabilities available within iA’s Pharmacy Fulfillment Platform. Adherence packaging built into centralized fulfillment solutions can offer significant value-add by enhancing medication safety, adherence, efficiency, and workflow. This partnership allows iA to extend its reach and deepen its collaborative efforts across pharmacy settings, encompassing community, health system, retail, specialty, and federal pharmacies.

“The Euclid adherence packaging solution provides prescription filling and dispensing into patient specific multi-dose packets. Adding our technology to a centralized fulfillment solution in partnership with iA will empower pharmacy providers to continue to meet the increasing demands of patients across any pharmacy environment, including retail and specialty pharmacies,” said Kevin Copsey, Business Unit Director, Euclid® Medical Products.

“At iA we pride ourselves in being able to provide more options, which allow our customers to enhance their offerings, including adherence packaging, through iA’s Pharmacy Fulfillment Platform,” said Thomas Utech, President, Chief Operating Officer, iA. “Our partnership with Euclid enables iA to provide a patient’s medications all in one pack and all in one place from a central fill location, freeing up pharmacists time to collaborate with patients.”


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About iA

iA® (Innovation Associates®) is a pharmacy fulfillment company that provides an integrated platform of capabilities to support Centralized and Community Pharmacy Fulfillment Solutions. With over 30 years of experience in the pharmacy fulfillment business, we have developed and implemented a suite of automation and software solutions that help deliver quick and sustainable business results. Our integrated Pharmacy Fulfillment Platform enables scalable solutions that helps run the prescription fulfillment process from prescription acceptance to delivery, supporting dynamic design flexibility to service pharmacies in a variety of volumes and settings. Our solutions improve workflow, and increase efficiency, while enabling more time for pharmacists to focus on their patients. iA works with pharmacy providers in the Commercial, Health Systems, Government, and Mail Order/eCommerce markets. iA can help customers transform their pharmacy. For more information, visit iARx.com.

About Euclid® Medical Products

For more than 50 years, Euclid® Medical Products has been a trusted partner for pharmacies seeking high-quality, efficient multi/unit dose automated packaging and barcoding systems. Euclid has a complete solution for those looking for easy-to-use systems that will stand the test of time while providing the updated features needed by today’s pharmacies. Visit www.euclidmedicalproducts.com for more information.


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