iA® Introduces Advanced Fulfillment Solutions to Address Rising Pharmacy Industry Demands




iA® continues to develop innovative solutions and products, expanding the capabilities of the Pharmacy Fulfillment Platform to transform the industry and help improve the health and well-being of pharmacists and patients.

iA, a company that provides an integrated Pharmacy Fulfillment Platform for retail, health system, and government pharmacies, today announced the launch of two new advanced robotics systems to expand the capabilities of its centralized fulfillment solutions as well as solutions tailored to pharmacies of a variety of sizes. As a leader in pharmacy fulfillment, leveraging software and advanced robotics, iA focuses on developing innovative solutions, which drive the modernization of operations, help improve patient experiences, and meet the ever-growing demands for healthcare services. iA is dedicated to supporting a more sustainable work environment for pharmacy providers while advancing the pharmacist’s role in healthcare. The launch of the iA 4 Liter Canister, iA Smart SecurePack, and Centralized Fulfillment Solutions for pharmacies of various sizes is another step towards helping revolutionize the way pharmacies operate and serve their communities.

“At iA, innovation is core to who we are, and what we do,” said Marvin Richardson, CEO at iA.  “We take immense pride in our technologies and focus on innovating on behalf of the pharmacy industry. We believe that centralized fulfillment and automation technology supports modernizing pharmacy operations to enable pharmacy providers to free up pharmacists to serve as trusted community healthcare providers. Our announcements today support our efforts to continue to bring new solutions to our Pharmacy Fulfillment Platform.”

Pharmacy Fulfillment Solutions Supporting Dynamic Design Flexibility to Service Pharmacies in a Variety of Volumes and Settings.

iA’s Pharmacy Fulfillment Platform is a solution for pharmacies of various sizes, from community pharmacies to hospital systems to large-scale retail chains. Historically, centralized fulfillment and pharmacy automation has been grouped with mail order or large-scale prescription fulfillment and not thought of as an option for all providers. iA Centralized Fulfillment Solutions support dynamic design flexibly to support pharmacies in a variety of volumes and settings. Centralized Fulfillment Solutions include design and buildout of pharmacy fulfillment facilities featuring modular hardware and software, along with advanced robotics, sophisticated counting and collation devices, technologies, tools, and resources that enable pharmacy providers to realize dramatic improvements across several aspects of their operation. These sites are designed to meet your prescription volume requirements with the ability to scale as needed.

Embracing Innovation: Introducing the iA SmartPod Enhancements, 4L Canister, and iA Smart SecurePack.

The 4L Canister represents a significant leap forward in medication storage and dispensing within the iA Pharmacy Fulfillment Platform. Its compact design and advanced robotics enable pharmacies to store and dispense a larger volume of medications, and also includes the iA Smart Dispenser, an independent smart device that can be configured to store medications and count and dispense virtually all tablet and capsule sizes simultaneously within a pharmacy environment – from retail to central fill to mail order. iA SmartPod, our modular robotic prescription filling pod, will leverage the 4L canister, allowing the system to increase volumetric capacity and help reduce replenishment times. This innovation ensures that pharmacies can efficiently manage their inventory and aid in reducing waste.

The iA Smart SecurePack is an automated bagging system, integrated with the NEXiA® Enterprise Software Suite, eliminating a majority of manual packaging efforts within a centralized fulfillment facility, and enhancing the accuracy of medication distribution. With this new addition to iA’s product portfolio, pharmacies can improve order fulfillment speed while maintaining the high standards of safety and reliability.

“Collaborating with our customers is integral to everything we do, and as they are on the front lines of pharmacy, they often inspire us to bring new ideas for accelerating all aspects of pharmacy fulfillment,” said Tom Utech, President, and Chief Operating Officer at iA. “That is why iA has invested in building a portfolio of enterprise software and advanced robotics within our Pharmacy Fulfillment Platform, to continue to enhance the ability to offer robust solutions for our pharmacy partners of all different sizes, ultimately transforming the industry overall to focus on the pharmacist-patient relationship.”


About iA

iA® (Innovation Associates®) is a pharmacy fulfillment company that provides an integrated platform of capabilities to support Centralized and Community Pharmacy Fulfillment Solutions. With over 30 years of experience in the pharmacy fulfillment business, we have developed and implemented a suite of automation and software solutions that help deliver quick and sustainable business results. Our integrated Pharmacy Fulfillment Platform enables scalable solutions that helps run the prescription fulfillment process from prescription acceptance to delivery, supporting dynamic design flexibility to service pharmacies in a variety of volumes and settings. Our solutions improve workflow, and increase efficiency, while enabling more time for pharmacists to focus on their patients. iA works with pharmacy providers in the Commercial, Health Systems, Government, and Mail Order/eCommerce markets. iA can help customers transform their pharmacy. For more information, visit iARx.com.


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